Thursday, 16 May 2013

The one?

Almost everyone in our days defines themselves as "forever alone".

But how many of them really are? How many of them really gave love a chance? What does forever alone mean anyway? If it means never being loved by a single human being on earth (and no an alien you see in your dreams does not count), never even getting a tiny little piece of attention, than no. I personally don't believe that anyone will be "forever alone".

There are 6.867.171.543 people living on our planet right now, waiting to find "the one", another cliché that people hopelessly believe in. But what if there actually is "a one" for everyone? What if, you, calling yourself "forever alone" are wasting your precious time sitting and complaining all day long? Shouldn't you be giving the stranger, you future lover, the soul mate in your dreams, at least a chance before referring to yourself with an unattractive name?

The most important question is: "Why avoid love when eventually, you're going to die?"

Everyone talks about "carpe diem" and seizing the day but how many of us really bring it into action? Maybe we make fun of people who constantly use the popular hashtag #YOLO but isn't it actually true?

You do live only once.

What I am suggesting is: Stop whining and calling yourself forever alone. Accept the fact that somewhere out there there is someone that shares the same taste in music or movies or even the same life style as you. There is someone out there for you.  Don't sit on your couch all day.

Go out.
And most importantly,
love without fearing.

Get out there and find your lebenslangerschicksalsschatz.

Watch this and cheer up:


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