Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Trying so hard to be creative is like killing to fill an empty grave. You feel the urge to do it, but don't know how to. Creativity isn't something that your so-called god has given you. Even if you were born with it, you have to search deep down your brain to bring it to life. And once you've found it, once you've had the eureka moment, nothing shall stop you. And if you shall ever experience what we call the "writers block", think about the birds. White, black, grey. Different but the same, just like you. You have different cells than anybody else; but on the inside, they're all the same. Your and some other persons cells come together and create a new human being with completely unique thoughts. But that is no wonder or a eureka moment. That, my friend, is life. And after you've found your wonder, life should be the only thing that keeps you going. You won't find wonders everyday. But the simplest things that will convince you that life, on it's own, is a wonder will be present each and every day in front of you. After a while, my friend, as I scribble these words on the last page of a black notebook, you won't need any wonders to believe that life, is the eureka that your soul has been searching for since the very beginning.

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