Saturday, 14 February 2015


everyone is temporary. after the day ends, after the sun goes down and the seasons change and maybe your hair is lighter or shorter and you weigh a bit less and maybe you now want to study politics instead of law and you have a tattoo and live in a different place and maybe prefer green tea instead of camomile whatever that change is, after the nightfall you’re on your own. that’s why firstly you have to accept the fact that whatever you do, you do it for yourself. don’t force your friends to set dates up, don’t change your schedule so that you can see him for 10 minutes, don’t manipulate your brain into wanting something you don’t want, don’t change yourself, don’t change your personality for anyone but yourself, but also don’t be afraid to say whatever it is that’s bugging you, don’t be a coward be courageous and if you have the power to change something, do it. make a total fool of yourself and never apologise for something that you did with passion because the most important and the only rule of life is that you can’t love anyone else if you don’t love yourself.

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