Monday, 2 March 2015


"Congratulations Mina, you're an indie movie character. You're a daisy with legs!"

Yes, I do live life fearlessly and am courageous enough to do stuff that normal people don't. I do have my soundtracks playing on and on even if it's only in my head. I do expect organized burglary when I'm in a bank. I do want birds to fly over my head and I do want Louis Armstrong to start humming melodies when I'm by the lake. I do want it to rain and I do want to get wet because of it. I do want to be in the middle of a snow storm because where is the fun if I'm all tucked up in bed while it's happening? Life isn't only black and white so why should clothes be? I do eat whatever I want and act as if I'm being filmed by Godard on a windy Paris evening while eating eclairs because where is the point in hiding your emotions when you can live them to the fullest? Where is the point in keeping your expressions and reactions in a box? If they call me a drama queen for expressing every single emotion I ever have, so be it!

Because life isn't going clubbing or getting drunk on cheap booze, life is quality wine with quality conversations or just green tea by the seaside or just anywhere you can breathe actual pure oxygen in and honestly say "I'm alive!"

They say it's not always sunshines and daisies and butterflies but if you actually look closer, it is. Because no matter how heartbroken, sad or devastated you are, the sun will come out tomorrow.

If all this makes me an indie movie character, so be it, because that's how I live my life, even if it's not directed by Woody Allen.

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