Sunday, 22 March 2015


Oh my god, stop saying you're lost without him. You're an actual, full human being. You have lungs, a brain and a heart that function. You have blood running through your veins. You have the ability to part the lips that cover your teeth and smile. Your cheeks crinkle and eyes get chinked and you're saying that you're lost? You're alive and you're you and thats all that matters. Everything you do and everything you love is for yourself and for yourself only. You love the moon because it feels close to your heart. You love the sound of the sea because it speaks to your soul. You love daisies because they are your eyes. You love running aimlessly because you love the inexplicable rush of it. You love walking on grass because it feels castaway. You love staying underwater because it feels like infinity. You love being warm because then you can concentrate on whats going on in your head. You love eating because a starved body has no place for inspiration. You love art because you find yourself in the paint that others have lost hundreds of years ago. You love exploring because no matter how many countries you see, how many people you meet there still are thousands of interesting minds and faces waiting to tell you all about things you've never heard of in your entire life. You love movies because in movies, anything is possible and everyone expresses their emotions right as they feel them. You believe in being honest because you know that your actions now are your conditions tomorrow and that you shape your own future. You never apologise for things you do with passion because Helen never apologised for running away with Paris, right? You act as if you're Carrie Bradshaw and play the part of your indie movie without a script. No matter what and no matter where, you are alive. You are not lost, you are full.

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